STOPCAP M1 Results ASCO 2022

The latest STOPCAP M1 results were presented at American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Meeting in Chicago, by Dr Claire Vale and Dr Susan Halabi


Claire Vale presented results of a meta-analysis of patient data from 2261 men with metastatic hormone sensitive prostate cancer (mHSPC) in 3 trials showed that on average, chemotherapy improved 5-year survival by 11% compared to standard hormone.

This research project was led by the MRCCTU at UCL, UK, on behalf of the STOPCAP Collaboration, and was funded by the UKRI Medical Research Council and Prostate Cancer UK and supported by Movember.

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Susan Halabi presented results of a study assessing two shorter-term endpoints in trials of men with mHSPC. The analysis of 8,592 men showed that both radiographic progression-free survival (rPFS) and clinical progression-free survival (cPFS) met a pre-defined threshold for correlation to be considered as potential intermediate endpoints (in lieu of overall survival) in mHSPC phase 3 clinical trials. 

This research project was led by Duke University Medical Center, USA, on behalf of the STOPCAP Collaboration and was funded by Prostate Cancer Foundation and Prostate Cancer UK.

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